Junior Coaching

Want your kids to be the future stars of table tennis?

Fun & focused
table-tennis training
for kids

Enhance gameplay with professional training

Develop discipline, focus, and persistence

Enjoy a safe and fun learning environment

Improve quickly with Specialized Coaching

Held on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings, the schedule is convenient and practical. Sessions combine physical training with strategic game-play, to create well-rounded table-tennis players.

Over a term of 14 weeks, players advance at their own pace, mastering the techniques and skills necessary to excel in the sport.

Cultivate Growth and Resilience

Going beyond just teaching table-tennis, our coaching also instils life-skills such as discipline, focus, and resilience. Small setbacks are transformed into lessons of persistence and determination.

Through nurturing an attitude of hard-work and down-to-earth values, your children will not only advance in table-tennis, but also grow as individuals.

Experience a Safe and Fun-filled Environment

Ensuring a safe and fun learning environment is our paramount priority. Our experienced coaches create a friendly atmosphere where kids can enjoy the game while learning. The mutual respect between the coaches and players nurtures a supportive environment where every child feels valued.

Our commitment is to provide an environment where your kids can enjoy, learn and grow.

The future of table tennis is here

Our Junior section is extremely active and we have players on various junior national teams. A core part of the club’s mission is to cultivate young talents by offering training which meets the best international standards.

Our Junior Coaching Programs Jan to March - Time table below

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Confucius cup 2024 tournament is live - Sunday 02nd June, Sat/Sun 15/16 June and finale weekend 21st June to 23 June 2024. Enter early to book your place!
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